Coated Cast Bullets by Shooters Precision

9mm 115gr Round Nose Shooters Precision

Coated Cast Bullets by Shooters Precision

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Minimize your exposure to lead, and keep your costs down with our new lineup of Coated Hard Cast bullets manufactured by our friends at Shooters Precision.  Uncoated Hard Cast variants will be made available in February.  Shooters Precision manufacture an excellent product which we believe you’ll find great value in.

All coated cast bullets start with a solid foundation, casted from a certified 92/6/2 alloy with a Brinell Hardness of 18.  The proprietary BlackMaxx coating is a non-abrasive, heat-set coating containing no teflon, moly or polymer.  The bullets are safe for use in Glock’s polygonal riflling, and coating guaranteed never to come off.  Bullets coated in this manner virtually eliminates lead fouling, and smoke typically associated with cast bullets.  With the BlackMaxx coating, wax lube is not required as the non-abrasive coating acts as a lubricant.  Not only does that have the potential to increase muzzle velocity, but it minimizes your exposure to lead and helps keep your reloading dies and barrel cleaner, longer.

As with any product we sell here at Monmouth, we offer highly competitive pricing, and very reasonable shipping rates.  Up to 16lbs of bullets ship for under $7, and up to 70lbs ships for under $15.  We offer all of the coated cast bullets in 500 ct, 1000ct, and our Monster Box.  Monster boxes take advantage of the 70lb weight limit of the USPS Flat Rate Box.  If you’re a high volume shooter, or have a lot of friends who love to shoot, opting for the Monster Box will not only make your postman cry, but it’ll keep your unit costs down!  As my wife says, “The more you buy the more you save!”

Here’s an example using the 9mm 115gr RN bullets…

500ct Box

Price:  $35.00

USPS Priority Insured Shipping:  $6.57

Total Cost:  $41.57

Unit Cost:  $8.31 / 100 ct

4000ct Monster Box

Price:  $266.00

USPS Priority Insured:  $14.99

Total Cost:  $280.99

Unit Cost:  $7.02 / 100 ct.

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