Has my order shipped?

Orders typically ship within 1-4 days of placing your order, and in most cases, we go into overdrive to get them out the next day.  When your order is being prepared for shipping, you will receive a ‘Shipping Notification’ email.   This email serves as your receipt, and contains your tracking number.  If you did not receive order confirmation or a shipping notification please first check your email spam folder before contacting us.

You may receive a shipping notification several days prior to your order actually departing our facility.  If it’s not been at least 4 days, please continue to be patient and allow us to fulfill your order.

Some orders ship in multiple boxes.  If you received a box and it appears your missing some items, chances are your order shipped in multiple boxes.  Check your email for a second tracking number, including your spam folder.  If you haven’t received your second box within three days, please contact us for an update.

Why three days?  Orders ship within 4 days of placing an order.  If we get your first box out the next day, and the second box out 3 days later, your entire order shipped “on time”, however will arrive 2-3 days later.  You may email us, but please understand we only have access to the same tracking information provided to you.