What is your return policy

Our return policy can be found here.

Return Information
Monmouth Reloading offers a 30 day return, and refund policy. You must contact (email or phone) us prior to any return to inform us of your request. Please do not ship any returns to us without first notifying us. Returns, and refunds, could take up to two weeks, not including transit time. Items that are unused and in their original condition, can be returned for full refund. Partially used items, can be returned at the prorated amount.  Damaged / Blemished items are not eligible for return.  Returns or warranty claims for defective parts, must be addressed directly with the manufacturer of the product.  Return shipping charges and/or shipping costs are not subject to refunds. All returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee, at our discretion.  It is recommended you photograph the return merchandise in the event it arrives damaged.  All return merchandise must be returned using a carrier service which includes tracking and full value insurance covering the contents of the parcel.  Monmouth Reloading shall not be responsible for any packages that are lost or damaged while being shipped to us.

Any once fired brass suspected of being altered in any way is not subject to a full refund, and will be valued at the scrap price of $1.00 per lb.