Coated Hard Cast

Shooters Precision Bullets

Just Good Coated Hard Cast Bullets!

Shooters Precision manufactures quality coated lead cast bullets at affordable prices.  They utilize a certified alloy, producing a Brinell Hardness of 18, and coated with their proprietary Blackmaxx Coating.  Blackmaxx is a heat set coating, requires no lube, and is guaranteed not to come off.  The benefits include the near-elimination of lead fouling, and reduction in smoke over the traditional cast lead bullet.  Their bullets are non-abrasive and safe to use in Glock’s polygonal rifling.  Cleaner shooting, cleaner dies, improved accuracy, all at a fantastic price!

ALL BA BARRELS Marked Down. No Coupon code necessary. Best sale in our history! May it be memorable! Thank you for being a customer of ours.