26 Nosler Brass

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Product Description

26 Nosler Brass

Sold in 25ct Increments!

Nosler Brass is sized, trimmed to length, case mouth is deburred and chamfered, flash hole deburred, weight sorted to 0.5gr, polished and finally inspected and packaged.  All the prep work has been done before you open the box. All it needs is a primer, powder and a Nosler bullet seated at the top.  All Nosler 26 brass bears the Nosler headstamp.

Technical Information

Manufacturer:  Nosler
Part #:  10140
Cartridge:  26 Nosler
Quantity:  25ct or 100ct
MSRP:  $66.90 ($2.68 / ea)

Our Cost:  $52.99 ($2.12 /ea)

Additional Information

Weight10 oz



26 Nosler



Component Type


Brass Type

New Brass

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