45 Cal 230gr Round Nose – Coated

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Product Description

45 Cal 230gr Round Nose – Coated

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Shooters Precision 45 Cal 230gr Round Nose are premium hard cast bullets containing 92% lead, 6% Antimony, and 2% Tin resulting in a Brinell Hardness of 18.   The proprietary coating, Blackmaxx, is a non-abrasive, heat set coating containing no teflon, moly or polymer, and is guaranteed never to come off.  Bullets coated in this manner virtually eliminates lead fouling, smoke, increases accuracy, and reduces lead contact to your skin and your reloading dies.  These bullets are safe for use in Glock Polygonal rifling.

Sold in 500ct, 1000ct, 2000ct increments, and shipped direct from the manufacturer.

Technical Information

Caliber:  45 Caliber
Weight:  230 Grain
Type: Round Nose; Coated
Diameter: .452


Additional Information

Weight1 oz



Shooter’s Precision


45 Caliber

Bullet Style

Coated Hard Cast Lead

Component Type




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