Hornady 150 FMJ BT 30 Caliber


Hornady 150 FMJ BT 30 Caliber

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Hornady 150 FMJ BT 30 Caliber

Bulk packaged and sold in 300ct increments, buy the factory case or our 3000ct Monster Box.  We can ship up to 600 for one low rate or the Monster Box for just a flat rate.

Full Metal Jacket Bullets are designed so that the bullet is completely covered in a hard metal jacket.  The base is the exception to this design. The Hornady 150 FMJ BT Projectile is not intended to expand upon impact if used for hunting.  The Boat Tail design is to provide a flatter trajectory and long range performance by raising the ballistic coefficient.

These Hornady bulk bullets are great to use for target shooting and general plinking.  They can also be used for hunting small game.  The bullet will deliver deep penetration and bone shattering results.  An added bonus to trophy hunters is the bullet’s design will also not damage the game animal’s pelt.  Caution:  always refer to published handbooks for proper load data.  There are many sources available online.  Always reload with extreme care.  Always use correct reloading techniques.  Reloading using proven data will give you an enjoyable and safe shooting experience.  Please ask the manufacturer if you have any other questions.

Remember to fill the flate rate box.  Monmouth Reloading has plenty of brass or other bulk bullets.  If we are out of stock, just send us an email.  We can order more or special order.

Pair the Hornady 150 FMJ BT Projectile with a 1000ct box of our 308 once fired brass!  Or visit our sister site at Txbrassworks for processed 308 brass.  That is some of the best brass on the net!

Technical Information:

Item #:  3037B
Caliber:  30 Caliber
Grain:  150 grain
Type:  Full Metal Jacket
Sectional Density: 0.226
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.398




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Weight1 oz



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Bulk, Rifle

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